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The Full Story

I'm a photography student based in Merseyside who specialises in documentary and editorial work.

I grew up in Southport, picking up photography as a teen when my parents bought me my first camera for my birthday. After weaving my way through a wild variety of jobs, at 22, I decided to go back to education to study Creative Media at Hugh Baird College in Bootle, Liverpool, when I fell head over heels back in love with photography again.


I'm currently still attending Hugh Baird, though studying for my foundation degree in Photography and Digital Imaging, with the intention of continuing and graduating with a BA. University has opened so many doors, and it was here where I was fortunate enough to meet tutors who gave me an overwhelming amount of knowledge and skill from working in darkrooms to experimenting with presentation to being encouraged to produce different work in sectors I never would have thought to and exposed me to so many other artists and their work.

After studying numerous photography genres, I discovered I am pretty open to experimenting with different styles and topics, however I took a shining towards documentary work. I get a kick out of meeting new people, exploring how others live their life and peaking behind the scenes, I feel it opens our minds seeing from someone else's perspective as well as a means to tell important stories and information... added to the fact I think I'm just nosy by nature.

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